My name is Andrea Binello (a.k.a. “andbin”), I am 45 years old and I live in Italy in a small town near Turin city (see Turin on google maps).

I am a professional software developer with an overall experience of 19+ years in the computer science field.

I am principally a Senior Java developer with 10 years of experience and I have a strong, solid and crystal-clear knowledge of the Java programming language.

Personal qualities

I am curious and creative by nature

I am passionate and highly motivated about Java and programming in general

I own good leadership on software development (and especially on Java)

I am collaborative and predisposed to teamwork

I am constantly oriented to study and acquire new skills

Studies and Certifications

In 1992 I achieved a diploma in electronics (italian title: “Perito elettronico”). In the following years, between 1994 and 1996, I attended two specialization courses about microelectronics, both provided by C.S.E.A., a training institution in my country:

In 2006 I started to learn Java programming completely by myself. Thanks to my passion and interest about Java, I also achieved two professional certifications:

Sun Certified Java Programmer LogoSun Certified Web Component Developer Logo


The following are some of my programming skills:

About Java ...

About programming in general ...

More about me

If you want to know something more personal about me, see the Trivia page.