You can contact me in various ways and I will be very happy to answer you, especially if you ask me technical questions about Java or programming in general.

Just two warnings:

  • Please, write me only in italian or english language, since I don't understand other languages!
  • If you are a student or worker, please do not ask me to do your homeworks/jobs (programming exercises, exams, etc...). Not even if you would like to pay me. I am sorry to say that messages of this type will not be answered.

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You can send me an email at the following address:

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You can also contact me using the Contact Form. In this way you also have the opportunity to stay anonymous, if you prefer.

Instant Messaging


I frequently share my knowledge and expertise about programming (mainly about Java) on various internet forums. Currently you can find me on some italian programming forums:

And sometimes you can also see my answers on: